Why Cameron Diaz left Hollywood

At one point Cameron Diaz was the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. It is reported that in 2008 she had earned roughly $50 million.

Diaz has always been an actress who was versatile and an excellent lead for comedies.

However, since of late Diaz has moved on from the public eye. A recent interview even saw actress Selma Blair, one of Diaz’s co-star in 2002’s The Sweetest Thing say that she believes that the actress has retired from acting. She then added that Diaz has a pretty good life and doesn’t need to work anymore.

Although, Diaz has not mentioned that she is retiring, it safe to assume that the actress has been working for over two decades nonstop and could use a long break.

Diaz, last film was 2014 which was the remake of the old classic Annie. At some of the interviews before and after the film, the actress dropped clues about her book and her new approach to wellness and living the good life.

In her interviews, she touched on aging and how people often asked her if she was afraid of turning forty. She said although she wasn’t at the time when people regularly asked her the same question, she noticed that she started doubting her beliefs. Hence she wrote, “The Body Book” in 2013 and a follow-up book “How to feel and look your best self” in 2016. Both books detail what happens when you are getting older and how to move away from the shame and fear associated with age.