What you need to know about Anna Faris and Michael Barrett

Anna Faris has officially moved on from her former husband Chris Pratt after eight years of marriage.

Sources say that the newly single mom has been on some dates with the cinematographer Michael Barrett.

The pair met on the set of the new movie “Overboard” that is said to be released in 2018. The movie stars Faris and Barrett is the cinematographer.

The pair has been seen dining at the restaurant aModo Mio in Pacific Palisades, California, twice. The couple was seen sharing a bottle of red wine and enjoying each other’s company.

Sources say that Faris looked happy and laughed with Barrett. Barrett then picked up the check as the pair left the restaurant hand in hand. The duo enjoyed many dishes of pasta and salad on their next visit to the restaurant and where also tipsy after many glasses of expensive wine.

The restaurant said that the pair looked a lot more comfortable with each other on their second visit and that the pair looked like they were on a dinner date. Most people at the restaurant didn’t recognize the actress, and this seemed to make the pair more comfortable. The couple was seen looking into each other eyes, laughing and enjoying their meal and company.

Faris and Barrett were also spotted at a carnival in Los Angeles in September. At this point in their relationship, the pair looked more like friends and were seen wearing hats, while they enjoyed the festivities.