How to make your backyard like a beach

You’ve seen the picturesque views: the cliffs that give way to serene waves splashing against the banks. The small table, romantically placed with the perfect kind of lighting. You can’t bring the beach to you, but you can recreate those feelings in your own backyard with these tips.


So much of romance is ambiance, so make sure your bases are covered. Good food, pleasant sights and smells, music, relaxation, and lighting. Wicker furniture covers the relaxation aspect, and fits the mood well. So many of these resorts feature modern-looking wicker pieces, with soft-woven fabric cushions that offer both comfort and protection all year long. For smells, try candles or potpourri. If you live in the city, you can take care of the sounds aspect with some well-placed speakers and the right soundtrack for the evening.

For lighting, you can’t go wrong with paper lanterns and the right kind of light bulb. Warm lighting is the best way to go. It will give your space an ambient hue of orange that will fill you with warmth. Add a tiki torch, or a candle-centerpiece and you’re halfway there.

Use Your Space

One of the biggest advantages to modern wicker furniture is how easy it is to move it around the yard. You can rearrange for winter, so your furniture is near heating lamps, or create a small breakfast area for spring. Many times, a lounge or a place for coffee is nothing more than well-arranged furniture and the right temperature.

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