Report: Americans Want Less Government Intervention

According to a recent poll conducted by focus group research and market research company John Zogby Strategies, wanting less government intervention is not an exclusively libertarian idea. According to host Jeremy Zogby on the company’s podcast, The Zogby Report, 60% of respondents favored a strict interpretation of the Constitution over a more malleable interpretation that allows more government intervention in everyday issues. In contrast, only 21% of respondents favored more government intervention.

These results are notable because John Zogby Strategies’ poll consists of many respondents with differing views, including many Democrats. The results show that some liberals and independents are not on the same page with the current administration’s interventionist stance on issues such as voting, the environment, and the ongoing pandemic.

The debate over how to correctly interpret the Constitution has raged since the days of America’s Founding Fathers. The answer to this debate is closely tied to an individual’s beliefs about the role of government. If one believes that the government is only there to provide checks and balances, they will gravitate towards a stricter interpretation of the Constitution. In contrast, people who believe that the government should use its power to address social issues will prefer a looser interpretation.

In any case, the Biden administration must take note of the general sentiment towards government intervention and assess how most voters will react to its policies and actions. The administration’s handling of common citizens’ concerns and issues may determine President Biden’s success if he decides to run for reelection in 2024.