Special Features and Accessories

When hearing loss is setting in and you need to start looking for a hearing device, information is key. Firstly decide on what your requirements are and how mild or severe your hearing loss is because these devices are pre-programmed to help the most common types of hearing loss. If you find you are not happy and that your hearing problems are not being helped by the device you can request a refund within 90 days and keep the device.

Accessories HueHearing.com

Batteries can be replaceable or rechargeable.
Domes are available in 3 sizes to fit most ear canals.
Replaceable Wax guards are excellent to keep water and wax off the device.
Carry case is included
Cleaning brush
Instruction manual

Special Features Hue Hearing

Tinnitus Masking – boosting sounds around you help to mask the ringing or roaring.
Comfort – made from silicone the buds can be used all day without hurting your ears.
Powerful – these devices are programmed for mild to severe hearing loss.
Noise Reduction – when someone is speaking background noise is reduced.
Easy Removal – a tiny wire is attached to the device pull it to remove it.
Invisible – the hearing aid fits into your ear canal and is almost invisible.
Affordable – cutting out the middleman these devices are accessible to all.
Made for Masks – Custom made so there is no chance of it coming off with your mask.

Reviews by customers will offer more information and help you to decide on the best hearing aid for you. Read more about what type of device you feel would most benefit your needs HueHearing Reviews