Three Money Tips From Self-Made Billionaires

Article Written by Wesley Virgin

Achieving self-made billionaire status puts you in a class by yourself. There are individuals who have achieved success via perseverance, determination, hard effort, and being in the ideal situation at the perfect time with an excellent idea.

Wesley Virgin offers three money tips from the rich and famous!

About Wesley Virgin

Wesley Virgin is a multi-faceted businessman who has also written books, gained notoriety as a guru, served in the Army, and worked as a computer engineer. Wesley Virgin is a successful author as well.

Chris Sacca- Be A Cheap Skate

Chris Sacca is renowned as a digital venture capitalist for having the Midas touch. He contributed early on to Kickstarter, Twitter, Uber, and Instagram. These helped make him a multibillionaire.

Young adults who want to increase their portfolios should refrain from making purchases, according to Sacca. Instead, he suggests that you be frugal and set your priorities straight for the long run.

Reid Hoffman- Have A Lifeboat

In addition to being a co-founder of SocialNet and LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman also served as PayPal’s COO.

You have Plan A, your current strategy, and the company you’re trying to start. You also need a backup plan, or Plan B, to which you will transition if Plan A fails.

Warren Buffet- Live Simply And Invest In Yourself

The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway appreciates being a generous philanthropist, has modest preferences, and leads a thrifty lifestyle. Identify your shortcomings and take action to overcome anything that might be preventing you from moving forward.

“Nobody can take away what you’ve got in yourself; everybody has potential they haven’t used yet.”[/one_third]