How to Get a Great Summer Job

When undertaking a search for a summer job, it might be worthwhile to start early. Applying early would imply that you would be having more choices and this increases your chances of finding a job that matches your interests.

Check on Working Papers

If you are below the age of 18, in some states, you might be required to have working papers in order to legally get a job. The sooner you apply for the working paper, the earlier you would be able to get aboard. Generally, your school guidance office would be able to provide information regarding working papers. The school counselors could have the relevant forms or the person would be able to advise on where to get them.

Prepare a Resume

The resume is important as it will provide all information on your past activities and your interest in the particular summer job. If you are applying for a position relevant to your field of studies, you could include details on projects and explain why this particular field is of interest to you. Even if you have not worked before, focusing on academic achievements and extracurricular activities could be beneficial to a summer job application.

Get References Ready

Right before you start with summer jobs applications, you might want to compile a list of at least three references to provide interviewers. In case you have never worked before, you could consider asking neighbors, acquaintances or professionals with whom you are in contact to write a personal reference. Teachers, academic advisors and coaches could also provide a reference.