3 Historical Sites Of Interest In Amman, Jordan

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Are you a history buff? Over the centuries, Jordan has had a diverse and storied set of occupants, including the Roman and Ottoman Empires. Many of those civilizations’ fingerprints remain in Jordan’s capital city, Amman. Here are a few historical relics you may want to visit in Amman.

Amman Citadel

The Amman Citadel is probably the most famous cluster of historical sites within a small radius. If you visit the citadel, you can see the remains of an Umayyad Palace, a Byzantine church, and the famous Temple of Hercules. Marvel at the disembodied fingers of a giant statue of Hercules at the site of the temple.

Roman Theatre

This ancient amphitheater is remarkably preserved, with a good portion of the gate and seating structure still standing. Today, it is still used as a venue for music, ceremonies, and other activities. When it’s not in use, tourists can visit and take photos of this enduring site.

Roman Nymphaeum

This robust structure was built as a monument to the nymphs, ancient nature spirits that were part of the Greco-Roman pantheon of gods and goddesses. You can still observe the curved structures, arches, and columns that formerly housed intricately constructed architecture and decorative designs.

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