Choosing the right type of cushions for DIY furniture

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Do you enjoy the process of measuring and cutting wood, then shaping it into your own custom furniture? There are many different furniture shapes and designs you can bring to life when you’re crafting furniture with your own two hands, but once you’re done, you’ll have to figure out where to get cushions for your DIY furniture. Unlike store-bought furniture, handmade furniture doesn’t come with cushions, so you can either buy factory-produced cushions or get a custom cushion made for your project. The problem with mass-produced cushions is that it can be difficult to find cushions that fit your furniture’s exact dimensions, especially if you used a unique shape as the basis for your furniture’s design.

Getting a custom cushion from a company such as The Foam Factory allows you to specify the exact measurements and shape that you need to fit your DIY project. You can even choose from different foam types for different levels of firmness and comfort. If you need soft foam for regular use, order some open-cell super soft foam as couch-backing cushions. If your main concern is durability, you can order high quality HD36 foam that can last for almost two decades. If you’ve made DIY furniture for use outdoors, you can also order custom outdoor foam cushions for added protection against sun, moisture, and harmful microorganisms.

No matter what you need for your project, you’ll find the right type of foam cushions at The Foam Factory. If you can’t find the shape you need on their site, you can also contact them to discuss custom shape details.