Summary: Before opening a gelato shop, the most important points to consider: who is my target market? how do I start? where do I open? how much investment will I need?.

Frozen yogurt stores have become popular as they are considered a healthy treat that the whole family can enjoy. Most frozen yogurt stores also offer an array of healthy toppings like fruit and nuts, which help each customer to customize their order. Here are a few important questions and answers you should consider before opening your frozen yogurt store.

Who should I target – Frozen yogurt is for everyone, but in most cases, you should be targeting families with children and health-conscious consumers who are looking for a dessert treat without too many calories. Families with children will be looking for a kid-friendly space, that is colorful and one that includes a small play area. The younger health conscious market will want a variety of healthy options where the calories on each dessert is stated on the menu.

What should I do first – You will have to conduct some market research and create a business plan that will highlight your target market(s), their income levels, what products they want and the current places they visit.

How do I pick the right location? – The right location should provide your store with a lot of foot traffic. Look at a location near a gym, college campus, elementary school, or in a shopping center.

How much does it cost to start a yogurt shop? – Frozen yogurt supplies can be costly and can vary in price depending on the quality and the size of the equipment you require. On average, start-up costs will vary from $10,000 to $50,000 for opening an independent frozen yogurt shop. You will also need to include serving equipment like fruit, candy and syrup dispensers, plastic gelato cups, and tasting spoons, to serve your dessert.