Ben Affleck’s sexual misconduct allegations

Stephen Colbert recently interviewed Ben Affleck after promoting his new movie Justice league. The Actor was asked about his connection to Harvey Weinstein. Affleck looked nervous and was confused he said as he thought that the show was a comedy show.

Colbert corrected the actor saying that this is a comedy show but that they do discuss subjects in the media at the moment. Colbert asked that due to the actor’s close connection to Weinstein, did he feel that he had to do more than just distancing himself from Weinstein.

Affleck, 45, said that yes he felt that he had to do more and that the crimes where terrible but he hadn’t worked with Weinstein in more than fifteen years. But he had done movies like Good Will Hunting, Shakespeare in Love and Chasing Amy with the producer when he was new to acting. He added that he felt that these movies were tainted when he realized that these movies were made when people were suffering and dealing with awful experiences.

After Affleck realized the severity of Weinstein’s actions, the actor donated the residual money from the Miramax movies he made to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) and Film Independent.

Affleck has openly said on social media that the actions of Weinstein made him sick and angry. However, hours later the actor himself was accused of groping Hilarie Burton in 2003 on at a taping of MTV’s TRL.