Why are my teeth brittle?

Article written by Elite Dental Group

How often you smile directly represents how confident you are with the appearance of your teeth. Brittle teeth can mean chipped, broken teeth that are uneven and discolored. Weak teeth can make eating, laughing, and social situations difficult.

Although some people’s teeth are weaker, a person can contribute to weakening their teeth by following unhealthy habits. Here are some of the main reasons why teeth may become weak.

Generic factors – The main reason for brittle teeth lies in genetic factors causing some people to have a softer enamel than others.

Gum disease – Weak gums will cause teeth to loosen and move while chewing, increasing the chances of breakage. If you notice gum swelling and bleeding when you brush, it is best to visit a dentist for advice on how to treat these symptoms.

Osteoporosis – Osteoporosis which affects a person’s bones throughout their body can also affect the absorption of calcium in your teeth, resulting in weak teeth.

Poor dental hygiene – Poor dental hygiene and constant procedures in the same area of your mouth and jaw can also cause teeth to weaken over time.

Medication – Some medications can cause teeth to weaken as they reduce the absorption of calcium and saliva production.

The best way to maintain strong teeth is to brush twice daily using a soft-bristle toothbrush in a gentle circular motion and floss before bed. Reduce the consumption of sugary foods and choose to consume them after a main meal followed by a glass of water.

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