Which Country is NEFT Vodka from?

Although vodka is typically associated with Russia, NEFT vodka is far from being Russian. This celebrated vodka brand was established in Austria by Katya Kuzmina in 2012 and has since moved its headquarters to El Segundo, California, spreading its influence across 22 countries and 17 states.

NEFT vodka is known for its devotion to creating high-quality rye vodka. Its production uses small batches, which leads to a smooth and satisfying drink that stands on its own without the need for mixing or dilution. The ingredients are of the highest quality – non-GMO Old World rye and oxygen-rich mountain spring water from the Rhein River beneath the Austrian Alps.

The distillation process of NEFT is no less meticulous. It involves a copper still and continuous column distillation, designed to extract the finest spirit, the hearts. This yields a vodka with a unique flavor profile, exceptional viscosity, and a luxurious mouthfeel. These qualities have earned NEFT Vodka prestigious industry recognition, such as a 98-point rating from The Tasting Panel and the title of “Best Vodka” at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

NEFT is not only a vodka brand, but also a lifestyle choice that upholds sustainability and eco-consciousness. Its packaging – a lightweight, portable, and shatterproof metal barrel – stays cold for up to six hours and is fully recyclable.

In short, NEFT vodka may not be Russian, but its commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation has put it on the map as a distinguished international vodka brand. Its rise to prominence is a testament to the fact that exceptional vodka isn’t confined by geographical boundaries but thrives on craftsmanship and dedication.