What To Expect When Having Braces

Article by Remarkable Smiles

It is important that you know what to expect before you get braces. Below we will look at some of the experiences you might have when you are going through your brace treatment.

Flossing Is Hard

Although it’s one of the most necessary tasks, flossing has never been particularly simple, and braces don’t make it any easier. For the majority of people with braces, flossing is practically difficult.

Setbacks Can Happen

In life, setbacks are a given, and wearing braces is no exception. If your orthodontist doesn’t identify a problem with your case until after treatment has started, they might extend the period you need to wear braces by a few extra months. You shouldn’t worry about this because you know the brackets will ultimately come off.

Your Bite Is Vital

Many people mistakenly believe that braces are just necessary to align your teeth, however they also play a critical role in improving your bite. An ideal smile depends as much on overbites or underbites as it does on the placement of the individual teeth.

The Investment Is Worth It

The moment you take off your braces, all the pain and discomfort you experienced during the course of therapy will instantly vanish from your memory. There is nothing that can compare to having a flawless smile, and braces will undoubtedly make you grin.

Your smile can be made better with the assistance of Dr. Mark Rashidi and the Remarkable Smiles team. He is an orthodontist in Laguna Hills who treats patients from Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, and Irvine, as well as other cities. Dr. Mark has extensive experience with various varieties of braces, including ceramic, classic metal, and Invisalign.