What Julianne Hough eats in a day

Article written by Boston Buyer Club

Julianne Hough is constantly involved in many projects and needs to ensure her energy levels high. The star is known for her killer abs, which she says are all down to what she eats. Here is a summary of Hough’s diet and exercise routine.

She wakes up and checks her sleep quality on her sleep app – The quality of her sleep determines the intensity of her workouts. Hough is a firm believer that her sleep impacts the level and quality of her activity during the entire day.

She drinks a homemade juice – Hough makes juices a day ahead and drinks it on an empty stomach. She then eats oatmeal or eggs for breakfast, which she says are easy and quick to prepare.

Hough hits her first workout of the day – Hough is big on changing her routine and alternates between hikes, Body by Simone, CorePower Yoga and spin classes.

Lunch – Hough tends to eat a simple grilled chicken salad with quinoa or rice. But on a busy day, she will order in a healthy lunch.

Her second workout of the day— After lunch and a short break, Hough will start her second workout which involves resistance bands.

Snack – After her second workout, she says she often has a snack which includes a Pure Protein shake or an almond butter Perfect Bar.

Dinner – Dinner is a family meal with her partner and usually includes sweet potatoes, chicken, and veggies.