Tips to Include Accomplishments in your Resume

Writing a resume is quite subjective and each document would vary from person to person. An ideal resume needs to provide insights on the candidate’s career path while focusing on measurable achievements. Candidates often make the common mistake of listing down their role and responsibilities with every position without highlighting their contributions. The tips below might be helpful in successfully including accomplishments in your resume.

Determine how success was measured

The bottom line of each department and business unit would need to be identified. This will enable the accurate measurement of success. For instance, a recruitment department’s success would revolve around sourcing the right candidates. For a purchasing department, budget management and savings would constitute of measurable success metrics. For people working directly with customers, customer satisfaction rate would be an index to measure their success.

Your Impact on Success

Once you have identified how success was measured, you would have to connect them with your experiences. The key is to provide examples to show how you have directly impacted on achieving this success. For instance, a purchasing agent will have identified best vendors for products which resulted in better budget management and savings. Your impact on bottomline is what would make your resume more striking and showcase your accomplishments.

Qualify and Quantify Accomplishments

Percentages help to show the extent of your contribution. For instance, if you have contributed to increase customer satisfaction rate by 20%, including that in a resume would have more impact. Qualitative terms can also be used in situations where accomplishments cannot be quantified.