Three uses for open-cell foam in your house

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

Open-cell foam is a versatile material that can be a valuable addition to different components of your home. Here are three practical ways you can use open-cell foam to make your house a more comfortable, sensible place to live.


Open-cell foam has proven to be an effective material for insulation, or preventing unwanted heat from flowing into your home. As the Department of Energy notes, the right insulation can help reduce your heating and cooling costs. Because of open-cell foam’s flexibility, it can fit into gaps and crevices other insulating materials might not be able to reach.


Open-cell foam makes up the structure of acoustic foam panels, which help eliminate unwanted echoes and reverberations in music studios, concert halls, gyms, and houses. These foam panels absorb energy from sound waves, letting the sound waves pass through their open-cell structure, then dissipating them as heat.

Cushion filling

Open-cell foam is both durable and flexible, which makes it ideal for cushion filling in sofas and chairs. A good foam cushion will support your weight while making it comfortable to sit and lounge on your furniture. Because of open-cell foam’s malleable nature, you can find foam cushions in any size and shape you need.

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