Satellite Internet vs. Mobile Internet: Speed Matters

If you’re looking for the fastest and best rural Internet service provider, two of the best candidates are satellite Internet and 4G rural Internet. While fiber optic Internet is one of the best options when it comes to speed, its availability is fairly limited, and some states will miss out on it entirely. Dial-up and DSL have widespread availability in rural areas, but they are woefully outdated compared to the alternatives. Instead, satellite Internet and 4G mobile Internet are the high-performance alternatives that reach even the most remote areas.

If speed is your highest priority, only one option provides a clear, significant advantage. 4G mobile Internet providers such as UbiFi are consistently faster than satellite Internet in two crucial ways. First, 4G Internet’s download speeds beat satellite Internet’s download speeds. The fastest satellite Internet providers can usually provide download speeds of around 15 Mbps, while 4G mobile Internet providers such as UbiFi can reach speeds of 15-20 Mbps easily without even going as fast as they are capable.

Secondly, 4G mobile Internet providers like UbiFi carry much lower latency than satellite Internet providers. Even if an Internet provider has lightning-fast download speeds, it is still lacking in the speed department if it suffers from large amounts of latency. Latency can result in lag and rubberbanding for activities such as online gaming and video chats. Satellite Internet is naturally prone to latency because of the distance that Internet signals have to travel between satellites in orbit and rural households on the planet’s surface. For this reason, you may want to find a good unlimited 4G rural Internet provider that can serve your needs instead of a slower satellite Internet provider.