Post-Interview Thank You Letters

Some recruiters would be expecting a thank you letter after the interview. Generally, the thank you letter serves as an indication of the interest of the candidate. It is also an opportunity for the candidate to reiterate an interest in the open position and to enable hiring managers to remember their application and interview. The tips below might come handy if you are seeing to write a thank you letter.

Customize Each Letter

Even though you might be relying on a template to send your thank you email or letter, it is recommended that the letter be customized to include details on the interview and the name of the interviewer. Even in the case that you are considering to withdraw your application, the thank you letter would be an ideal way to do it. This is allow you to construct positive relations with the company.

Sales Letter

The thank you email or letter is the perfect occasion to “sell” your qualities one more time before the interviewer comes to a final decision. Therefore, you might include details such as your qualifications and reiterate your genuine interest in the opening. You might also elaborate on the conversation held with the interviewer, pointing out how this has further sharpened your interest in joining the company.


Ideally, the thank you note should be sent within 24 hours of the interview. This will ensure that the interviewer would still remember your conversation and application. However, should you find that you are in a rush, in most cases a simple thank you note would be adequate.