How to prepare your child for their first filling

Article written by Elite Dental Group.

As a parent, you may have shown your child how to properly brush and floss their teeth. However, it can be difficult to always check if your child is following good oral habits. There may be a time when your child will have a cavity and need a filling. Most children will be concerned about a filling and easing their nerves can make their treatment less stressful.

Consider the following tips:

Stay calm –Parents should stay calm and reassure their child that a filling is a quick, common procedure. Staying calm can make a child feel less stressed about their filling.

Ask your dentist about options – Mild sedation options are now offered by experienced dentists and they can reduce child anxiety. However, a dentist who is comfortable handling children would be able to complete a filling without any form of sedation.

Discuss the treatment with your child- Ask your child if they have any questions about the procedure. Answer your child openly and explain to them in brief about the procedure.

Avoid using words like drills, needles, and sedation as your child may not understand what they mean. Instead, tell them that their dentist will give them medicine to make the process comfortable before they fix their teeth.

Make it comfortable – Dress your child in comfortable attire and make sure they have eaten before their appointment. Small children may feel more comfortable with their favorite toy or comforter.

Give praise – Praise your child during and after the procedure to let them know that you appreciate how they are handling their treatment. Making a dentist visit positive will help your child with future dental exams and treatments.

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