Brad Pitt’s investigation extended due to new accusations

Sources say that the LA County Department of Children and Family Services has extended their investigation into Brad Pitt regarding an alleged incident with a child aboard a private plane.

The FBI visited Angelina Jolie’s residence in Malibu to questioned potential witnesses for 3 hours, which included some of their children. The alleged incident is related to reports of “unintentional contact” between Brad and a child.

A spokesperson for the FBI went on to say. “In response to your inquiry regarding allegations within the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States; specifically, an aircraft carrying Mr. Brad Pitt and his children, the FBI is continuing to gather facts and will evaluate whether an investigation at the federal level will be pursued”.

The FBI intend to conclude the investigation shortly and if there are reports of child abuse, they will forward the report to the U.S. District Attorney to look at the further evidence and prosecute, if necessary.

The outcome of this investigation will not impact Brad and Angelina’s divorce or their custody agreement over their six kids. Sources say that Brad has seen the children twice since Angeline filed for divorce mid-September.

Angelina was given sole custody of their children, while Brad received visitation rights, till the case is heard. The 41-year-old actress, however, believes that the couple will co-parent their children in the future.

An insider stated that Brad was eager “to see the kids and to work out an arrangement that is best for them” and “wants to work things out privately and amicably.”