Bowtrol Review

Bowtrol Review

A simply formulated, single-product colon cleansing product, Bowtrol boasts an effective group of ingredients for intestinal cleaning. This natural herbal colon cleanser uses a combination of 14 organic supplements, including Senna, natural aloes, Rhubarb, and Cascara Sagrada to purge toxins and fecal build-up from the colon, intestines, and lymphatic system. In this way, Bowtrol is designed work to eliminate the harmful bacteria that can cause fatigue and slowly poison the digestive organs.

Increased Regularity: Bowtrol is formulated to achieve the quick elimination of constipation and Irritable Bowel symptoms, resulting in 2-3 regular bowel movements per day and a reduction of bloating in the midsection.

Other Bowtrol Colon Cleanser Benefits Include:

Convenience: For those with demanding jobs and hectic schedules, it can be inconvenient—and sometimes downright impossible—to mix colon cleansing shakes. Bowtrol is administered in an easy capsule form, with a dosage of 2-8 pills each night. Recommended usage is to start with a low dosage at bedtime and gradually increase it until the desired result is achieved.

Gentleness: Bowtrol is designed to maximize the elimination of digestive toxins without causing the cramping, bleeding, and discomfort that harsher colon cleansers can cause. We haven’t seen any adverse side effects reported, but it is recommended that you consult your health practitioner before beginning any colon cleaning treatment.

Important: Colon cleansing products should not be used by women who are pregnant or nursing.

Weight Loss: Although it shouldn’t be the primary reason for taking Bowtrol, an ancillary side effect of colon cleansing and regulated bowel movements can be a marked weight loss. Water retention is reduced, which can eliminate water weight and effect a significant reduction of bloating around the midsection.

Alternative Colon Cleansing Products

While there are several products on the market today, our research shows that the best colon cleansing product is Bowtrol. In addition to Bowtrol, we also recommend Coleanse. This effective formula uses natural herbs to help get rid of impacted waste from the colon while assisting in the proper absorption of vitamins and minerals. The Coleanse diet includes Cape Aloe, Bentonite Clay, and other natural ingredients shown to encourage a healthy digestion of built-up waste and toxins. We recommend this product if you’re looking for a gentle way to detoxify your colon of unwanted toxins naturally.