Olivia Palermo’s for styling your winter wardrobe

Olivia Palermo is well known for her sense of style. The star has been shot many times in fashion magazines for a personal style that is chic and effortless. Here are her tips for styling a winter wardrobe.

Show off your cuffs – Most often winter coats cover up some less than glam pieces underneath. However, the star says that you should do the opposite and scrunch up the fabric on your heavy knit cardigans. Look for pieces with details on the cuff for added personality.

Bling out your collar – A simple collar can be elevated by spinning a broche, which is an incredible way to dress up a blouse. Look for a funky broche that lets people know a little bit about yourself or your hobbies. For example, if you’re into fitness, a diamante dumbbell broche will stand out.

Knit scarves are so last season – Loose your knit scarves and choose a faux rabbit fur stole this season. This piece has luxurious appeal and is perfect for winter weather.

Tuck in your sweaters – Let your sweater give your outfit shape and structure. Simply tuck your sweater into make your whole look more flattering.

Coats make everything better – If you like to match your top with your bottom, break your look with a different colored coat.

Dress up your wrists – Since winter means most of you will be covered, add attention to your wrists by tying a scarf or wearing a chunky bracelet.