Blake Lively who is married to Ryan Reynolds says that she hopes that people realize that what they see in the media is not real life. Lively says that this is one reason why she gets very nervous before interviews because one sentence can change how the media and public look at her.

Lively went on to say that she and her husband are presented like characters and not as real people with real problems. The actress says that the couple are very shy and that the way they express themselves is through acting.

To get the public to see what the couple is really like, they often act silly on social media. She also says that she finds herself down playing scenarios because she doesn’t want to feed into that notion that her life is “rosy.”

Lively says that if she argues with her husband, she does what every other woman does, she calls her girlfriends, or her sister and asks for advice. She goes on to say that the couple started off as friends and therefore often speak to each other when they disagree as it is the quickest way to a resolution.

Although the couple work a lot, they always take turns when working on a project. Lively says that although work is important, family has always come first for the couple. Compromise is part and parcel of a marriage or any worthwhile relationship, and they often turn down assignments, so the other can work.